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RV-ELEC helps you keep your points by installing ...


* your gear hands-free set Bluetooth®

* Your cruise control


In France, the phone while driving with the hand held device is * a crime, punishable by a contravention of the fourth class, a kernel of € 135 and the withdrawal of 3 points allowed.
Hence the interest of a solution "hands-free", perfectly LEGAL!

* Article R.412-6 of the Highway Code, and Decree No. 2012-3 of 01.03.2012






RV-ELEC is also an expert of ancient and import vehicles..



Put yourself in accordance with the law by installing a hands free setBluetooth®


RV-ELEC has selected and tested for you the best equipment to suit all types of vehicles including more complex vehicles such as high-end cars pre-equipped with steering wheel: Mercedes - Audi - Porche ...


Our Communication Solutions Bluetooth® for high-end automobile

_ Compatible with most Bluetooth ® phones on the market, since they respect the Bluetooth® standard :  iPhone (4s/4/3Gs/3G/2G), Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia (séries 5/6/8/N/E...), Sony-Ericsson, Siemens and many others..

_ steering wheel controls active

_ call display visible on the dashboard (depending on configuration)

_ Telephone recognized when you enter the vehicle

_ capability of playing MP3 music files for vehicles with only a CD player (eg: Mercedes SLK with an audio system 20 NTG 1)

RV-ELEC obviously offers telephony solutions handsfree adapted also to all other "vehicle standards" and consider all requests for all vehicles.

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